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The Health Directory of the town of Oelde


 “Health is one of the greatest goods” – for only someone who is healthy can actively take part in social life as he or she likes. 

How do I stay healthy? Who helps me when I am ill? Who can I turn to in crisis situations or for questions concerning care for the elderly? All these questions affect people with a migration background and therefore are very important to integration in society. 

The town Oelde has a good health welfare system that enables each inhabitant to benefit from care in the case of illness or to undergo preventive treatment. Information about the facilities and healthcare professionals helps you to make the right approach whenever you need it.

In many cases, immigrants find it easier to understand the answers to these questions in their mother tongue, so it helps to know where information can be obtained in other languages.

The Health Directory of the town Oelde outlines all offers that are at disposalin the area of health, preventive treatment and care in Oelde as well as the surrounding area.

The specific disciplines and specializations of the physicians are also given in Russian and Turkish. The languages spoken at the various facilities and medical offices are indicated by the national flags of the respective countries.

Included are: 

§  Physicians/ Specialists in Oelde

§  Hospitals 

§  Care services and facilities in Oelde

§  Contacts at the town council of Oelde and in the district of Warendorf 

§  Family education centres and adult education classes

§  Family centres 

§  Health insurances companies 

§  Pharmacies 

§  Other advisory services 

§  Integration guides providing interpretation services in an honorary capacity 

§  Emergency numbers 

We hope that this Health Directory will help you with all the different issues concerning health and healthcare.

The following link will take you to the Health Directory