Orchideen Roehl





We continiously present our multivarious offers of orchids in several exhibitions. You can find us on the fair" Haus und Garten" in Essen and in the “Palmengarten” in Frankfurt am Main at spring and we are also in Frankfurt every year in october. Every second year, in february or march we show exclusive plants of our company in Bad Salzuflen.
During Easter time, we present us at „Hammer Maximilianpark“.  During all presentations, visititors are very welcome to watch and buy of course.


We pay much attention of the decorative design of our famous orchids and complete the view with accessories from our current range of goods.
Our exhibitions and our successfull plant breedings can convince the professional audience since decades. We would like to motivate you to make your own opinion and kindly invite you to the next exhibition as shown below.

                                                                                            Dates 2017



    10.March - 19.March 2017

       orchid exhibition and fair

      Palmengarten Frankfurt


60323 Frankfurt




    29.April - 01.May 2017

       orchid exhibition and fair

    maximilianpark hamm

  Alter Grenzweg 2

59071 Hamm





      01. - 03. October 2016


  Palmengarten Frankfurt





some pictures from different exhibitions